Debt Recovery: Once you have determined an account is uncollectible turn it over to us and we will search for insurance, contact the patient to make a payment arrangement or work with your staff for Medicaid eligibility. We electronically scan the information you send us through national data bases that update addresses, telephone numbers and let us know if the consumer has filed for bankruptcy or is deceased.

Workers’ Compensation Claims: Give those hard to collect worker’s compensation claims to us to work directly with the insurance company to insure a timely payment. We work with the employers and the insurance companies on your behalf until the claim is resolved.

MVA Accounts/Liability Accounts: Our dedicated staff works directly with the attorneys to secure your position to get paid timely.

Accounts can be placed securely electronically or manually if necessary

With your permission we can report accounts to the three major credit reporting agencies and we can refer selected accounts to our network of attorneys if that is the only way to encourage those with means to pay for the services you provided.

Automated reporting keeps our clients informed not just about how much we are collecting but also about the condition of the accounts they refer to us.

Several staff members are bilingual and can assist Spanish speakers if they can’t communicate in English.

Let us design a custom collection approach?

Collection services

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