I have insurance, so why do I owe a balance?
The most common reasons are: outstanding co-payments or deductibles change in employment status resulting in a lapse of coverage, services were rendered without required pre-authorization, provider was out-of-network and does not participate with your insurer, or your claim was not submitted timely.

Can I establish a payment plan?
Yes!  In fact, many people who are not able to submit payment in full will work with MedConn to determine a reasonable arrangement in order to pay off the balance owed.

Am I liable for the debts of a former spouse?
Unfortunately, yes-any and all debts created at the time you were legally married remain your responsibility.

Am I liable for the debts of a deceased relative?
No-unless you are the surviving spouse.

A divorce decree states that my former spouse is responsible for balances due for medical expense for our child that is under the age of 18.  Why am I receiving bills?
A divorce decree is a civil agreement made between two parties, resulting in default responsibility should one party be unable to meet the requirements of payment.

May I request proof of outstanding debt?
Yes.  MedConn will obtain copies of any and all outstanding debt and provide that information directly to you.

Let us design a custom collection approach?

Collection services

How did I end up being sent to collections ?